About Us/ All you need to know about EMTAN

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Our Mission
EMTAN mission is to provide adequate platform for all practitioners Educational Technology in Nigeria.
Our Vision
To Promote the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies in all facets of Nigerian Education

  1. To promote the management of sports and sport-related professional disciplines in Nigeria through academic activities, research, publications, conferences, exhibitions and any other viable means.

  2. To encourage, support and promote the development of Physical Education, Health Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance in all institutions of learning and all public and private establishments and organizations throughout Nigeria.

  3. To offer coordination, leadership and consultancy on matters pertaining to management of sports and sport-related professional disciplines in Nigeria.

  4. To solicit funds both from government bodies, philanthropist and members to promote through various fora, sport management as a professional discipline in Nigeria.

  5. To offer guidance and mentorship to individuals and groups of people in sports in the country and at all levels of sports on the use of sports management skills in social-economic development.

  6. To establish co-operation with other recognized sport management-related organizations within and outside Nigeria with a view to promote sport management science.

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